Monday, December 29, 2014

PAA is Hacked Again!?

Oh Poop!  Has been hacked again?

For the past two days, if you try to go to that site, you get this message:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Apache/2.2.29 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.29 OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server at Port 80


I guess the instability of PAA is gonna force me to write mostly on my own blogs.  These "paid to post" sites all seem to have problems!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Streamlining AdFly

Okay, so AdFly is kinda a pain, both for me and you.  So I've decided to simply PLEAD for money at the end of my blog posts like this:

Please help feed a hungry blogger by clicking here: Feed the Bloggers!

The link goes to a PAA post that basically says, "Thank you!"

This is better than adding a distracting banner add to all my links, and less work too.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gonna Try AdFly

If you've read any of this blog, you'll notice quickly that my attempts to find a STEADY source of online income, no matter how small, has been a failure.

Bubblews paid great at first, but then payments went "missing".  Now it appears to have been a pyramid scheme scam all along.

FullofKnowledge and PostAnyArticle, while not paying nearly as well as Bubblews, at least were paying steady until early this year, when Adsense abruptly canceled their account.  Ever since then they have been shaky, either not paying, or paying very poorly, (pennies).  Now it appears that posts over six months old do not qualify for earning any income.  So much for a passive income stream!

Then there is Adsense.  While some folks do quiet well with this service, I've not been a fan of theirs since they screwed us over at FoK and PAA.  As it turns out, I had an old Adsense account connected to my MissingMusic blog, which I attached here and to some other blogs.  I've had it a while; over seven years, I had accumulated about $3.00, (yes - THREE DOLLARS!), in it.  But, just recently I checked my account again, and they have dinged me about 40 cents for "illegal activity".  WTF?  It looks like Adsense is gonna screw me over too.

How well have I done with affiliate marketing?  Zip, zero, null, nada.  Ain't earned a penny from it yet, although the hope remains.

So now I'm giving this AdFly a try.  You can read my post about it here on PAA:

Will I make decent money with AdFly?  Time will tell.

Friday, December 19, 2014

PAA and FoK Cut Off Payments After Six Months

Well phooey, again!  Even though FoK and PAA have been functioning without malware for a good while now, it looks like once again the guy who runs the site has modified the rules, and is only paying for views on posts less than six months old.

This is kinda cruddy and deceptive, IMHO, as one of the unofficial slogans of FoK was "write once; get paid forever".  I guess "forever" in this case is finite!

I'm not too thrilled with Adsense either.  I have it on some of my blogs, and after seven years, (yes, seven years!), had accumulated a balance of $3.00 .  Then when checking my account a few days ago I saw I had been dinged about 40 cents for "illegal activity".  WTF?  I guess I should consider myself lucky that I even qualified for Adsense, but it sure seems like they use a similar business model to those other crooks, namely the jerks who run Bubblews.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Webpage Success Story -

In the midst of reporting our dismal earnings, (less than a dollar since May/2014!), how about if we look at a successful website,

I don't know a whole lot about these folks, but my wife claims they generate substantial income from their website.  (How?)

I think the website was built by the friend of ours who started the successful website, which is the ABSOLUTE BEST place to go to get help obtaining a VISA for entry to the USA.

As RapidVisa and CausalDesign show, you can establish a successful online presence.  All it takes is lots of hard work and patience.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Posts to PAA / May/2014

We had LOTS of posts to PAA in May/2014.  As it turns out, we only got paid pennies for them, which, combined with site being host to viruses in June, caused us to lose interest in writing online article.

For the faithful, here are the articles we posted on PAA in May/2014:

Posts to FullofKnowledge / May/2014

Here are some posts we put on FoK before the site began having its "troubles".  (It seems okay now, by the way; Aaron got rid of the shakey advertisers.)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hi .... Quick Update

Hello Earthlings!

It's been a while since I wrote anything on this blog.  The reason is that I got disgusted and frustrated with the whole "write on the internet for money" gig.  After FoK and PAA got hacked, I stopped visiting those sites.  My last payment from then was a measly $0.17 back in early July.

In the last month or so it appears that the Crazy Texan, (Aaron, owner/operator of FoK and PAA), has his sites back on track.  Neither has malware attached to them anymore, and folks are slowly coming back to submit articles.

Exciting, huh?  Well .... I'm just not so thrilled about writing for "money", (more like peanuts!), anymore.  I'll write some stuff if I feel like it.  But it the spirit don't move me, I'll just lump it.

All-in-all, I think I get more "bang" for my buck watching porn!   :-)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

PAA and FOK are Still Down!

PAA and FoK are STILL DOWN!!  I briefly peeked at FoK, (don't go there - malware is still popping up), and folks are complaining about lack of access, and the sex ads that are popping up.

Aaron, (the owner/operator), better get off his butt and fix those sites quickly, or he's gonna lose all his audience.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oh no! PAA and FoK have been HACKED!!

Well this is a bummer!  PAA, (, and FoK, (, are currently hacked.  Please do NOT go to these websites right now!

Since most of my articles that I (allegedly) make money from are one these two sites, that means my "writing career" is, once again, kaput!

Making money online seems like a fantasy right now, and making money writing online articles seems like a fool's quest.

Monday, June 2, 2014

More Payments, and Possibly More Wasted Money

Well durn!  We got some more money from our articles, yet Old Grump got excited and spent some more money on a dubious product again.

First the money Grump spent.  After listening to a podcast hyping up the Amazon FBA program, he purchased the Profit Bandit iPhone application for $14.95 .  Then, and only then, did he listen to Sweetie, who explained to him the many pitfalls of the Amazon FBA program, and how it was NOT something to rush into without doing your homework.

Drat!  It appears that searching for a way to find that "easy money", Grump just wasted some of his own again.

Now on to some better news.  The Crazy Texan paid us yet again!  As before, these payments are little more than rounding errors, but what the heck.  It's better to earn pennies than spend dollars!

ExpertsPages, April/2014:  $0.33

ExpertsPages, May/2014:  $0.20

FullofKnowledge, May/2014:  $0.31

May wasn't a very good month for earning money on articles.  I hope things pick up a bit in June.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Payments, and a Waste of Money

Well this was a pleasant surprise!  Aaron, (aka "Crazy Texan"), somehow managed to cough up some money for our missing January and February views.  (** cough, cough ** -  where's OUR money, AdSense?)  I even got paid for ExpertsPages, which is a first!

Here are the payments breakdowns.  Once again, not enough to retire on, but still a nice symbolic gesture.

ExpertsPages April earnings:  $.03

ExpertsPages Jan/Feb earnings:  $.46

FullofKnowledge April earnings:  $1.91

FullofKnowledge Jan/Feb earning:  $2.76

Assuming I can add correctly, this comes to a grand total of:  $5.16

Unfortunately, I also spent $9.95 on an eBook/course being pushed by none other than King Human.  IT WAS NOT WORTH THE MONEY!  Yes, there's some good stuff in there, but nothing that you can't get for free from, delivered in a more usable form, more accurately, and WITHOUT the irritating upsell.

I lost a lot of respect for King Human over this, (he should know better than to promote crap), and I will certainly NEVER touch anything from Alex Jeffreys again.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Posts to PostAnyArticle / April 2014

As the, "A Day in a Year in a Life" posts continue, our article count at PAA continues to grow and grow:

Posts to FullofKnowledge / April 2014

With the birth of our second child in late March, I figured that my writing "career" was severely impacted, if not over.  So I'm pleasantly pleased to say that I still managed to crank out a few articles for FoK in April:

Monday, April 28, 2014

FINALLY Got Paid Again!! Earnings for March 2014

Hey all!  Crazy Texan is back, proving once and for all that .... well, I won't say it here, because this is their server space after all, but a certain huge, (and getting ominously bigger!), internet company that starts with the letter "G" is just a big bully!  Better stop acting that way, folks, or it's gonna come back to haunt ya!

Now that I got that off my chest, here are the earnings for March 2014:

FullofKnowledge  -  54¢

PostAnyArticle  -  53¢

Woo hoo!!  

Okay, that a total of $1.07, and really is less than a rounding error, but it is at least something nevertheless.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Online Writing "Career"

To say trying to make money writing articles online is a frustrating experience is a huge understatement!

A little over a year ago I first got started writing articles at a site called Bubblews.  It was fun, and lucrative, at first.  I could write anything I wanted to, (within reason, of course), and I got paid.  Considering the "quality" of some of my posts, I actually got paid quite a bit of money.  It seemed too good to be true!

Which, in fact, it was.  Soon my payments started going "missing", and I joined the ever swelling ranks of folks-who-hate-Bubblews.  But in all fairness, I still have to say that Bubblews paid me more money than all the other writing sites combined.

Some folks have good luck receiving their payments, so if you're willing to take a risk, I'd say give it a shot.  Just know that you may NOT get paid.

After the disappointment of Bubblews I wandered over to a site called FullofKnowledge.  They did not pay as well, but the admin was totally transparent about his dealings, (absolute contrast to the secretive folks at Bubblews), and there was a staff of highly supportive, enthusiastic editors there who made writing for FoK, (as we called it), enjoyable.  I received several payments from FoK, and then the new site PAA, started by the same folks.  All was well, and I believed I had found a home for my articles.

And then it happened .... the AdSense account associated with FoK and PAA was revoked!

We lost all our revenue for January and February, and the admin frantically scrambled around to gather up some revenue for March.  We were told we would receive a much reduced payment for March on April 20th, but that date has come and gone, and no payments have gone out.

It's sad, but it looks like Google killed of a pair of great writing sites.  (SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE!!  SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!)

With a tear in my eye, I've been looking for other writing sites to call home.  I've puttered with InfoBarrel a bit, but they have an automated editor that is atrocious!  (I've had articles rejected because of syntax in a sub-header!)  I'm also giving Hubpages a try, though my hearts not really in it.  And lastly, there is one more site, DailyTwoCents, that looks very promising, except for the fact that they too derive their income from AdSense.  I'd hate to build up a presence on another writing site, only to have it too have it's AdSense account revoked.

Another option is to simply post articles on one of my blogs.  I don't know .... it just doesn't feel the same.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Posts to PostAnyArticle / March 2014

As we continue to write our, "A Day in a Year in a Life" series of articles, our output on PAA continues to grow, despite NOT GETTING PAID FOR JANUARY OR FEBRUARY!  GRRR!!!

Posts to FullofKnowledge / March 2014

Our monthly number of posts to FoK remains WAY down, due to the time we spend on PAA. Besides, until Crazy Tex, (Aaron), gets those sites on a paying basis again, the motivation to post there isn't as high as it used to be.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Affiliate Marketing Site is Up

We've got our affiliate marketing site up now. It is: . There's not a whole lot on it at the moment, but we're working on it, I promise! Meanwhile, PAA has just started to allow links! Whoo hoo!! Is that great or what!! Here' to hoping that after an absolutely terrible February, our earning get back on track.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yet Another Expense!

At the rate I'm going, my internet "business" is going to wind up costing me money, rather than making money! I decided to get a new domain name to try affiliate marketing. This new website is .

Here are the new costs:
17440276Mar 23, 2014$21.98
  • Purchase Domain Name Registration:
  • Purchase Domain Privacy Protection:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gonna Try "Affiliate Marketing" Again

I was listening to an old podcast from today.  (His second podcast, actually!)  The guest was the guy who runs , and he claimed that the BEST way to start out making money on the internet is via affiliate marketing.  So I've decided to give affiliate marketing yet another chance.

To date, my affiliate marketing efforts have led to naught, but while I'm waiting for PAA and FoK to recover, I may as well try to create another source of income.

I'll be following the steps he lays out in his "affiliate marketing roadmap."

Let's see how this venture turns out!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Added Chitika Ads to the Blogs / Costs so far this year

Considering that my main source of online income seems to be drying up, (what is going on with FoK, PAA, and EP?), and that I went out on a limb and got my own webpage, I need to start making a little cash to cover my costs.

Thus the Chitika adverts appearing at the top and bottom of this blog.

I hope they aren't too distracting!

Here are the costs I've incurred so far this year getting my website,, up and running:

17109435Feb 22, 2014$232.15
  • Purchase Web Hosting:
  • Purchase SiteLock Domain Security:
  • Purchase Site Backup Pro: For account
  • 3 More items...
17146135Feb 25, 2014$71.95
  • Renew Domain Name Registration:
  • Renew Domain Privacy Protection:
  • Renew SiteLock Domain Security:
17146141Feb 25, 2014$19.99
  • Renew SiteLock Domain Security:

I've been doing all this over at , and so far they seem very easy to work with.

But as you can see, I need to start earning a little bit of income soon if I wish to break even!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bummed Out

I have to admit to being a little bummed out today.

In late February I took a leap of faith and decided to get my own website, .  I still haven't been earning much from articles, so I was going to have to hustle to just cover the cost of hosting, domain name registration, etc.

No sooner did I do this, than the owner of the three main sites I write for, (FullofKnowledge - "FOK", ExpertsPages - "EP", and PostAnyArticle - "PAA"), announced that Google had unceremoniously yanked his AdSense account.  Bummer!  That meant NO PAY for January, and possibly February, while he rebuilds his ad revenue.  (Using OTHER ad programs, of course.)

So we're all waiting more or less patiently for .... well, something to happen, either getting paid, or being forced by a deafening silence to write elsewhere.  I have posted a few articles to InfoBarrel, (here's one:, but it's just not the same.  I miss the sense of community on FoK and PAA, and although I know I should diversify, particularly since just ONE GUY is running Fok, PAA, and EP, I just want to keep posting on the "Trinity of Sites", as the admin calls them.

Then today I just read a post in the FoK forum by an editor advising us NOT to post on EP until the admin gets some ads up and running there.  HUH?  I spent a lot of time on some articles I posted there, so if the site is going to be nonfunctional, it would have been nice if we had been told that SOONER!

So I'm kinda bummed out tonight over all this mess.  It doesn't help that work has been hellish for the past week either.  I come through this all right, but this part of the ride ain't fun.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Posts to FullofKnowledge / February 2014

Woe is me!  We have yet to be paid for our January 2014 FoK posts!  What is an imaginary talking fish to do?  Soldier on and continue to post, hoping that somehow the funds will arrive someday?

PAA is absolutely KILLING our FoK output!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Posts to PostAnyArticle / February 2014

Now that we publish the daily "A Day in a Year in a Life" post on PAA, our article count there is going through the roof!  Now if we could only make some money.  (Payments for January articles have NOT arrived yet.)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Posts to FullofKnowledge / January 2014

With the massive amount of "stuff" we're dumping on PAA, our output on FoK has gone down.  But if   PAA represents the quantity side of our production, then hopefully FoK represents the quality.

What do you think?  Are our FoK articles worth reading?

Posts to PostAnyArticle / January 2014

With the start, (continuation?), of the daily post, "A Day in a Year in a Life", we have been pounding away on PAA.

Whew!!  That's a lot of articles.  It took me a long time just to type them all in here.

Someday if I ever have the time, (hah!), I'd like to go through the "day in a year in a life" posts, and maybe come up with monthly summaries.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paid Again! / Profit for the Year 2013

We got paid again, YIPEE!, although our earnings for December were more like a rounding error than a legitimate secondary source of income.  Guess I'm not ready to quit my day job yet.

PostAnyArticle  -  $1.30

FullofKnowledge  -  $1.99

ExpertsPages  -  zippo  :-(   (We need to post more articles there.)

For the year 2013, our earnings from writing comes to the grand total of:  $71.56 !!

Unfortunately, $50.62 of that came from Bubblews, who is no longer paying us.  I DO NOT recommend writing for Bubblews, because even though they pay extremely high rates, they are basically a scam site, and pay their new writers by not paying their old writers.

The best month we had from non-Bubblews sources was October 2013, when we earned an even $10.00.

And the point of all this is ....???

Writing on the internet can be fun, but I would never choose it as a career!  The guys who "make a living" online pay LOTS of attention to icky stuff like SEO, email lists, etc.  In other words, if working online is your job, then like any other job you'll have to work at it, and spend time on noxious tasks that aren't necessarily fun.  There ain't no free lunch!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Posts to PostAnyArticle, December/2013

Lots of posts to PAA in Decemeber; lots of ranting and snorting!

We started our daily, "A Day in a Year in a Life" entry, (prematurely!), so we'll probably have lots of posted articles to PAA this year!