Sunday, December 13, 2015

Online Income Statement - November 2015

Ya know, I'm starting to think that this, "earn extra money on the internet" is just a bunch of hooey.  Yeah, if you've got a product or service to market the internet can be a great marketing tool, but as far as a place to earn cash in its own right ..... ha!

Based on that introduction you would probably assume that November was another weak month for UHRS earnings, and you know what .... you're correct!  Payouts from UHRS are drying up faster than a free beer stand in the middle of the Arabian desert.

These are our pathetic Clickworker/UHRS earnings for November/2015:

11/04  -  $32.12  (Not bad, but just wait!)

11/12  -  $26.46  (Still okay)

11/18  -  $10.19  (UGH!!)

11/26  -  $17.60  (Blah)

That's not even $100.00 for the month, and I was TRYING to earn money on this craziness!  Back in June, when I was making $200/month, it looked like I had found a way to help pay off some (stupid consumer spending) bills, but now it looks like UHRS is, at best, a time consuming way to make some beer money.  Sure, if you're gonna waste the time playing Candy Crush Saga anyway maybe UHRS is a better use of your time, but life is short, and there are other things that just might be more worthy of your attention.

And yes, December will probably be a HORRID month for UHRS earnings because, (as you can tell), I've kinda lost interest in it.  (And to cheat a bit and give you a glimpse into the future, in December I did something even dumber, and signed up for some survey sites.)

Okay, so if extra earnings were off this month, how well did we control our spending?  Let me just come out and say it: it was a BAD month!

If $600 for tires and $50 for an after hours clinic visit was painful last month, then consider this: Grump wound up having an emergency appendectomy, and the day after he got out of the hospital Sweetie's car expensively broke down.  OUCH!

Grump has fairly good insurance where he works, (although Obama has been chipping away at it recently, increasing its cost to him, and reducing its benefits), so we are hoping our total costs for his operation will be less than $400.00 .  Sweetie's car was another issue entirely.  To get it back on the road cost us $2,300.00!

Every penny of these new-and-unexpected expenses went straight on our American Express credit card, the balance of which, even after we stretched to make some big payments, is climbing inexorably towards $5,000.00.  UGH!

Like I said last month, I'm not sure what to do about all this.  Sweetie thinks we should try to sell the condo we own in South Carolina, because every time it becomes vacant it kills our cash flow, but Grump thinks we should keep it, as rents will probably go up in the future, and someday we will have the mortgage paid off.  Who knows?

Maybe December will be a better month?

At the moment I can't recommend Clickworker/UHRS to any but the most bored of you with lots of idle time on your hands, so if you want to find a link to it, you'll have to page down to a prior month's entry.

Happy Holidays all, and I sincerely hope your finances fared better in November than ours did!