Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Affiliate Marketing Site is Up

We've got our affiliate marketing site up now. It is: . There's not a whole lot on it at the moment, but we're working on it, I promise! Meanwhile, PAA has just started to allow links! Whoo hoo!! Is that great or what!! Here' to hoping that after an absolutely terrible February, our earning get back on track.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yet Another Expense!

At the rate I'm going, my internet "business" is going to wind up costing me money, rather than making money! I decided to get a new domain name to try affiliate marketing. This new website is .

Here are the new costs:
17440276Mar 23, 2014$21.98
  • Purchase Domain Name Registration:
  • Purchase Domain Privacy Protection:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gonna Try "Affiliate Marketing" Again

I was listening to an old podcast from today.  (His second podcast, actually!)  The guest was the guy who runs , and he claimed that the BEST way to start out making money on the internet is via affiliate marketing.  So I've decided to give affiliate marketing yet another chance.

To date, my affiliate marketing efforts have led to naught, but while I'm waiting for PAA and FoK to recover, I may as well try to create another source of income.

I'll be following the steps he lays out in his "affiliate marketing roadmap."

Let's see how this venture turns out!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Added Chitika Ads to the Blogs / Costs so far this year

Considering that my main source of online income seems to be drying up, (what is going on with FoK, PAA, and EP?), and that I went out on a limb and got my own webpage, I need to start making a little cash to cover my costs.

Thus the Chitika adverts appearing at the top and bottom of this blog.

I hope they aren't too distracting!

Here are the costs I've incurred so far this year getting my website,, up and running:

17109435Feb 22, 2014$232.15
  • Purchase Web Hosting:
  • Purchase SiteLock Domain Security:
  • Purchase Site Backup Pro: For account
  • 3 More items...
17146135Feb 25, 2014$71.95
  • Renew Domain Name Registration:
  • Renew Domain Privacy Protection:
  • Renew SiteLock Domain Security:
17146141Feb 25, 2014$19.99
  • Renew SiteLock Domain Security:

I've been doing all this over at , and so far they seem very easy to work with.

But as you can see, I need to start earning a little bit of income soon if I wish to break even!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bummed Out

I have to admit to being a little bummed out today.

In late February I took a leap of faith and decided to get my own website, .  I still haven't been earning much from articles, so I was going to have to hustle to just cover the cost of hosting, domain name registration, etc.

No sooner did I do this, than the owner of the three main sites I write for, (FullofKnowledge - "FOK", ExpertsPages - "EP", and PostAnyArticle - "PAA"), announced that Google had unceremoniously yanked his AdSense account.  Bummer!  That meant NO PAY for January, and possibly February, while he rebuilds his ad revenue.  (Using OTHER ad programs, of course.)

So we're all waiting more or less patiently for .... well, something to happen, either getting paid, or being forced by a deafening silence to write elsewhere.  I have posted a few articles to InfoBarrel, (here's one:, but it's just not the same.  I miss the sense of community on FoK and PAA, and although I know I should diversify, particularly since just ONE GUY is running Fok, PAA, and EP, I just want to keep posting on the "Trinity of Sites", as the admin calls them.

Then today I just read a post in the FoK forum by an editor advising us NOT to post on EP until the admin gets some ads up and running there.  HUH?  I spent a lot of time on some articles I posted there, so if the site is going to be nonfunctional, it would have been nice if we had been told that SOONER!

So I'm kinda bummed out tonight over all this mess.  It doesn't help that work has been hellish for the past week either.  I come through this all right, but this part of the ride ain't fun.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Posts to FullofKnowledge / February 2014

Woe is me!  We have yet to be paid for our January 2014 FoK posts!  What is an imaginary talking fish to do?  Soldier on and continue to post, hoping that somehow the funds will arrive someday?

PAA is absolutely KILLING our FoK output!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Posts to PostAnyArticle / February 2014

Now that we publish the daily "A Day in a Year in a Life" post on PAA, our article count there is going through the roof!  Now if we could only make some money.  (Payments for January articles have NOT arrived yet.)