Friday, July 5, 2013

When will Bubblews "POP"?

We give up!  We have two redemptions from Bubblews now floating out in limbo.  And the news that we read about that site is not at all encouraging.  It appears that Google is now frowning on them to such an extent that they are downgrading sites that even link to Bubblews!

So ...... we are leaving Bubblews, and heading over to FullofKnowledge, aka FoK.  Unlike Bubblews, it's an edited site, so we may have trouble posting odes to our toenail fungus there.  Bummer!

Anyway ........ here are the links to all the FoK articles we've published so far.  I really, really hope this site is more stable than Bubblews, because Phred is getting very impatient for a new bowl!