Monday, April 28, 2014

FINALLY Got Paid Again!! Earnings for March 2014

Hey all!  Crazy Texan is back, proving once and for all that .... well, I won't say it here, because this is their server space after all, but a certain huge, (and getting ominously bigger!), internet company that starts with the letter "G" is just a big bully!  Better stop acting that way, folks, or it's gonna come back to haunt ya!

Now that I got that off my chest, here are the earnings for March 2014:

FullofKnowledge  -  54¢

PostAnyArticle  -  53¢

Woo hoo!!  

Okay, that a total of $1.07, and really is less than a rounding error, but it is at least something nevertheless.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Online Writing "Career"

To say trying to make money writing articles online is a frustrating experience is a huge understatement!

A little over a year ago I first got started writing articles at a site called Bubblews.  It was fun, and lucrative, at first.  I could write anything I wanted to, (within reason, of course), and I got paid.  Considering the "quality" of some of my posts, I actually got paid quite a bit of money.  It seemed too good to be true!

Which, in fact, it was.  Soon my payments started going "missing", and I joined the ever swelling ranks of folks-who-hate-Bubblews.  But in all fairness, I still have to say that Bubblews paid me more money than all the other writing sites combined.

Some folks have good luck receiving their payments, so if you're willing to take a risk, I'd say give it a shot.  Just know that you may NOT get paid.

After the disappointment of Bubblews I wandered over to a site called FullofKnowledge.  They did not pay as well, but the admin was totally transparent about his dealings, (absolute contrast to the secretive folks at Bubblews), and there was a staff of highly supportive, enthusiastic editors there who made writing for FoK, (as we called it), enjoyable.  I received several payments from FoK, and then the new site PAA, started by the same folks.  All was well, and I believed I had found a home for my articles.

And then it happened .... the AdSense account associated with FoK and PAA was revoked!

We lost all our revenue for January and February, and the admin frantically scrambled around to gather up some revenue for March.  We were told we would receive a much reduced payment for March on April 20th, but that date has come and gone, and no payments have gone out.

It's sad, but it looks like Google killed of a pair of great writing sites.  (SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE!!  SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!)

With a tear in my eye, I've been looking for other writing sites to call home.  I've puttered with InfoBarrel a bit, but they have an automated editor that is atrocious!  (I've had articles rejected because of syntax in a sub-header!)  I'm also giving Hubpages a try, though my hearts not really in it.  And lastly, there is one more site, DailyTwoCents, that looks very promising, except for the fact that they too derive their income from AdSense.  I'd hate to build up a presence on another writing site, only to have it too have it's AdSense account revoked.

Another option is to simply post articles on one of my blogs.  I don't know .... it just doesn't feel the same.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Posts to PostAnyArticle / March 2014

As we continue to write our, "A Day in a Year in a Life" series of articles, our output on PAA continues to grow, despite NOT GETTING PAID FOR JANUARY OR FEBRUARY!  GRRR!!!

Posts to FullofKnowledge / March 2014

Our monthly number of posts to FoK remains WAY down, due to the time we spend on PAA. Besides, until Crazy Tex, (Aaron), gets those sites on a paying basis again, the motivation to post there isn't as high as it used to be.