Monday, September 2, 2013

Posts to FullofKnowledge, August/2013

As alway, note that many of our FoK articles are cleaned-up reposts of articles we originally posted as drafts on Bubblews.

Posts to FullofKnowledge, July/2013

As our posts to FullofKnowledge, (aka FoK), increase, we will need to provide links to them as well.  

Note that many of our FoK articles are cleaned-up reposts of articles we originally posted on Bubblews.  Fok is edited, (Bubblews is not), so sometimes our prose needs a tweak here or there to appease the editors.

Without further ado, here are the links to all our July/2013 FoK articles:

Posts to Bubblews - June/2013, July/2013, and August/2013

Following are links to the articles we posted on Bubblews during the summer months of 2013.  As you may know, due to lack of payment issues our posting frequency went way, way down.  Hopefully with their latest software upgrade Bubblews will be paying consistently in the future.  (And if you believe that, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you!)

Bubblews is Gonna Pay Us!!

Wow!  Will wonders never cease?

After reading comments from several other online writers, we decided to give Bubblews one more try.  In the time we had been absent from the site, we had still managed to accumulate $18.00, ("earning" money on Bubblews is easy!), so it wasn't too difficult to push this up to the $25.00 redemption limit.

On August 26th we hit the redemption button, and .... nothing happened,  No payment, no email.

Figuring we were just getting stiffed again, we went about our business.  And then .... on August 29th an email arrived from PayPal saying we had a pending payment due on September 4th!!

Whippee!!  I guess the Bubble hasn't quite popped just yet.

So ..... we are resuming posting articles to Bubblews.  We will continue to post to FullofKnowledge, because even though that site is orders of magnitude harder to earn money on than Bubblews, the folks who run and edit it are very cool and helpful.  And when the silly mood strikes us, we will also be posting to PostAnyArticle, which like Bubblews is an unedited site, and if run honestly, may take away some of their business.

So stand back, and watch the words flow!