Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh Fudge! Bubblews not living up to expectations?

As you can see from the prior posts, we have put quite a few "articles" out on .  I put "articles" in quotes, because Bubblews doesn't edit any submission.  We could, should the urge strike us, put our grocery list on it, and as long as it contains 400 characters and isn't offensive or pornographic, and doesn't contain a "money-making" link, (such as an affiliate link to Clickbank), it will be accepted and posted.

And the cool thing is, we would still get paid for it!

At least that was the case until recently.  Last Sunday, June 2d, we accumulated enough cash to ask for a payment, so we did.  As with our first redemption, we requested the funds, (about $25.00), be deposited into our paypal account.  And then waited.

And waited.  And waited.  As of today, June 9th, we still have not gotten paid.  We sent an email to the Bubblews Admin, and got a response saying they would look into it, but so far nothing.

But what's even worse has been Bubblews's performance.  Today pages have been timing out, and several times I have lost comments I have typed in to respond to other posts.

We wondered just how long Bubblews could continue with a "no editor" policy.  I thought eventually the general crappiness of the posts would affect Bubblews's ad revenue, but it appears that the mass proliferation of posted grocery lists will bring it down first.

Too bad.  I really enjoy Bubblews.  I hope they can make whatever tweaks they need to do to keep their site running at peak performance.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Posts to Bubblews - May/2013

Another loooong post.  Following are the articles we posted to Bubblews during the month of May, 2013.