Thursday, December 26, 2013

Paid Again!

We got paid again!  $3.45 from FullofKnowledge, and $2.03 from PostAnyArticle.  Hooray!

Granted at this rate we won't be changing our standard of living any time soon, but it sure beats getting stiffed by those buttheads over at Bubblews.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Posts to ExpertsPages, November/2013

So we FINALLY started posting to ExpertsPages, or EP, as it is fondly known.

Some of these are just updates of articles we already posted on FoK, but the "Breeding Egg-Laying Fish" series is new.  Once it is finished, I might try to make it into an E-book.  -  I think this is a new one too.

After the great AdSense tragedy of Feb/2014, I removed most of my articles from EP.

Posts to FullofKnowledge, November/2013

We're still posting to good ol' FoK, but PAA is so much fun, our FoK productivity has dropped way, way down.

Posts to PostAnyArticle, November, 2013

Since Bubblews has become a 100% ripoff site, (at least for me), PAA has become my site of choice for posting rants and whatnots.

As you can see, I did a lot of ranting in November.   (memories of day JFK was shot)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Nabob Natters

(In which, gentle reader, your befuddled author attempts to limit the negativity, but must readily admit to hysteria and hypochondria.)

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I sincerely hope you have an "attitude of gratitude" for all the gifts you have received today, starting with the very gift of existence.

As I stated yesterday, I'm a bit befuddled about my "writing career" at the moment.  Further investigation reveals that I somehow managed to insult nearly all the editors of FoK.  Now if you're writing for an edited site, that is not a very brilliant thing to do.  The editors choose whether your articles are accepted, and attach pictures to them which help attract readers.  I suppose the only pics I'll be getting now are "DO NOT ENTER!" warning signs.

It's super-duper cold here in central Georgia, USA, this morning.  Brrrr!!!  This would be a good day to just eat some breakfast and crawl back in bed, but my dear wife has invited folks over for a Thanksgiving meal, so I must vacuum and complete other chores before their arrival.  Oh bother!  Grumpy old fart that I am, I'd just as soon spend the day alone.  Fortunately my wife won't let me get away with such silliness; it is to her credit that I am not even more of a miserable old goat.

I must have a "writing addiction", because I just can't seem to refrain from posting articles on PAA or FoK.  Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, I don't know.  However, rather than just throw words against the PC screen and hope they stick in someone's mind, I think I need a plan.  A true business plan!  So here it is: I plan on making $1,000 / month solely from my writing by this time next year!

Okay, stop rolling around on the floor laughing, will ya?  It's my dream; let me try to achieve it.  Besides, the world is not going to be a worse place if I fail.

I'll use this blog, ( , as if you didn't know!), to chart my progress, post random musings on writing, and promote my "paying" articles via hyperlinks.

I'll use the other blog, ( ), mostly for posting articles, which will also have hyperlinks to the "paying" articles.

And if all else fails ... I'll attract attention by posting naked pics of my fat, old, sickly body all over the internet.  Please, DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!!  Keep the internet safe for young and old alike, and satisfy my need for attention by clicking on one of my "paying" articles or two.  You'll be glad you did!  (Okay, maybe not, but it doesn't cost you anything but lost time.)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So Now What?

If you've been reading this blog, (don't you have anything better to do with your time?), you've been following my "progress" as an online author.

I started posting articles on InfoBarrel and Bubblews, and quickly concentrated solely on Bubblews.  The pay was much higher, and it was insanely easier to write for Bubblews than InfoBarrel.  Bubblews was fun, and I could earn a bit of loot for my daily rants.

Then the bottom fell out of that scenario: it became apparent to me that Bubblews was a scam site, and that folks who were crowing about the massive amounts of money they were earning there were shills.  Bummer!

It was hard to leave Bubblews, and I still tried to tease a few payments out of them for a month or so, but eventually I had no choice but to admit that I had been conned.

So I focused my attentions on FullofKnowledge.  It was still easier to write here than InfoBarrel, and the editors seemed like a nice group of folks.  I didn't like the fact that my articles would be edited, (yeah, that's an ego problem I admit), but I could live with it, and many of the writers there praised the site for the amount of money they made on it.

But FoK, (as we call it), had its issues too.  First and foremost, it seemed to be a one man show.  A guy named Aaron owned the site, and rules, (article length, minimum payment amounts), seemed to change solely on his whim.  I spent much more time per article on FoK than I ever did on Bubblews, but I never seemed to earn enough to meet the minimum payout amount.

But I continued to plug away on FoK, until September, when Aaron opened a third site, (he also owns ExpertsPages), call PostAnyArticle.  PAA, as it's known, had NO EDITING!  Whipee!  You could post just about anything you wanted, as long as it wasn't pornographic, it was in English, and it contained at least 100 words.

Now that was my kinda writing site!  I started hammering away on the articles and rants, such that when September payments came out, although FoK still paid me zippo, PAA paid me about 2 bucks.

Hooray!  This was my first payment since Bubblews started stiffing me.

October was even better, as I got $3.20 from PAA, and $6.80 from FoK.  Woo Hoo!!

However, just as it appears I was finally settling into a writing routine, suddenly all the FoK editors started openly criticizing PAA.  And trust me, they weren't holding anything back!  It seems that PAA had become a pariah to everyone except Aaron, and the editors were in open rebellion against it.

Sigh ....

So what is a frustrated writer to do?  I looked at posting at InfoBarrel again, but they're just too darn strict.  But now I'm also worried about putting all my articles on websites that are run by just one guy.  What if he gets a bug up his butt, and decides to close them all down?  What if he changes the rules YET AGAIN, this time in a way that adversely affects me?

I guess what I'm gonna have to do is write on this blog, which kinda sucks, because that means I won't get any loot for it.  And don't worry; I'm not gonna monetize this blog.  It's too complicated, I'm too lazy, and the amount of money involved, (pennies), just ain't worth it.

So for the near future, until something else changes once again, (and you know it will!), arph001 will be posting his articles here.  And Phred Phin, (the imaginary talking fish in my head), thanks you profusely for your support and understanding!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We got PAID! We got PAID!

We got paid!  PAA and FoK came through for us!

We got $6.80 from FoK, which is our first payment from them, (includes July, August, September, and October).  We only got $3.20 from PAA, but that is just for the month of October.

PAA is working much better for us, but the more experienced writers claim that FoK pays out better in the long run.  We'll see ....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Posts to PostAnyArticle, October 2013

I really like PAA, and I hope they continue to prosper.  I do have some concerns that they may deteriorate into a "bubble" as they grow.  Let's hope not!

These are our posts to PAA for October, 2013:

No More Bubblews!

I give up on Bubblews!  Payment request number six was "lost", which means they have only paid me twice out of six requests.  JERKS!!

I may either go back and start deleting old Bubblews posts, or post new ones with links to FoK or PAA articles, but for the time being I'm doing nothing.  My article count is currently -1!  How can I submit -1 articles?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Posts to FullofKnowledge, September 2013

Now that PAA is up-and-running, I wonder what the future of FoK will be?  PAA is easier to use, and much easier to earn money for.  As an example, I put lots of articles on FoK, and spent a lot of time on each article, but haven't earned a cent yet.  Last month I threw eight poorly written rants up on PAA, and got paid!  Okay, it was only $2.00, but that's better than nothing!

Anyway, here are our posts to FoK for September, 2013:

Posts to PostAnyArticle, September 2013 is a new site, having just started in late August, 2013, I believe. They are supposed to have NO MINIMUM payout amount, an article minimum of just 100 words, and no editing.

Without editors looking over my shoulder, I get a little, uh, creatively sloppy.  Here is the "effluvient" I flushed up to PAA in September, 2013:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Posts to Bubblews, September/2013

Here are our posts to Bubblews, September/2013.

I have mixed feelings about Bubblews.  On the one hand, it is insanely easy to earn money on that site.  On the other hand, actually getting paid is difficult and frustrating.  Besides, I believe that the owners of the site are fundamentally dishonest.

Writing Online for MONEY is a Waste of Time!

I've been writing online now since April, 2013, and I think I can say with certainty that if you write online with the goal of making money, you're wasting your time.  Get a real job!

These are the sites I've written for, and the amount earned to date:  -  $50.00, but they owe me an additional $75.00 they have never paid.  (Jerks!)  -  zippo.  Nice site, but too hard to earn money from.  -  zippo.  I had hopes for this site, as they claimed to pay for any amount, but that just turned out to be hype.  update 10/21/2013  - it appears PAA is gonna come thru and actually pay!  My sincere apologies to the powers-that-be at PostAnyArticle.

Write online if, (like me!), you have a psychological compulsion to do so; just don't expect to make a living from it!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Posts to FullofKnowledge, August/2013

As alway, note that many of our FoK articles are cleaned-up reposts of articles we originally posted as drafts on Bubblews.

Posts to FullofKnowledge, July/2013

As our posts to FullofKnowledge, (aka FoK), increase, we will need to provide links to them as well.  

Note that many of our FoK articles are cleaned-up reposts of articles we originally posted on Bubblews.  Fok is edited, (Bubblews is not), so sometimes our prose needs a tweak here or there to appease the editors.

Without further ado, here are the links to all our July/2013 FoK articles:

Posts to Bubblews - June/2013, July/2013, and August/2013

Following are links to the articles we posted on Bubblews during the summer months of 2013.  As you may know, due to lack of payment issues our posting frequency went way, way down.  Hopefully with their latest software upgrade Bubblews will be paying consistently in the future.  (And if you believe that, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you!)

Bubblews is Gonna Pay Us!!

Wow!  Will wonders never cease?

After reading comments from several other online writers, we decided to give Bubblews one more try.  In the time we had been absent from the site, we had still managed to accumulate $18.00, ("earning" money on Bubblews is easy!), so it wasn't too difficult to push this up to the $25.00 redemption limit.

On August 26th we hit the redemption button, and .... nothing happened,  No payment, no email.

Figuring we were just getting stiffed again, we went about our business.  And then .... on August 29th an email arrived from PayPal saying we had a pending payment due on September 4th!!

Whippee!!  I guess the Bubble hasn't quite popped just yet.

So ..... we are resuming posting articles to Bubblews.  We will continue to post to FullofKnowledge, because even though that site is orders of magnitude harder to earn money on than Bubblews, the folks who run and edit it are very cool and helpful.  And when the silly mood strikes us, we will also be posting to PostAnyArticle, which like Bubblews is an unedited site, and if run honestly, may take away some of their business.

So stand back, and watch the words flow!

Friday, July 5, 2013

When will Bubblews "POP"?

We give up!  We have two redemptions from Bubblews now floating out in limbo.  And the news that we read about that site is not at all encouraging.  It appears that Google is now frowning on them to such an extent that they are downgrading sites that even link to Bubblews!

So ...... we are leaving Bubblews, and heading over to FullofKnowledge, aka FoK.  Unlike Bubblews, it's an edited site, so we may have trouble posting odes to our toenail fungus there.  Bummer!

Anyway ........ here are the links to all the FoK articles we've published so far.  I really, really hope this site is more stable than Bubblews, because Phred is getting very impatient for a new bowl!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh Fudge! Bubblews not living up to expectations?

As you can see from the prior posts, we have put quite a few "articles" out on .  I put "articles" in quotes, because Bubblews doesn't edit any submission.  We could, should the urge strike us, put our grocery list on it, and as long as it contains 400 characters and isn't offensive or pornographic, and doesn't contain a "money-making" link, (such as an affiliate link to Clickbank), it will be accepted and posted.

And the cool thing is, we would still get paid for it!

At least that was the case until recently.  Last Sunday, June 2d, we accumulated enough cash to ask for a payment, so we did.  As with our first redemption, we requested the funds, (about $25.00), be deposited into our paypal account.  And then waited.

And waited.  And waited.  As of today, June 9th, we still have not gotten paid.  We sent an email to the Bubblews Admin, and got a response saying they would look into it, but so far nothing.

But what's even worse has been Bubblews's performance.  Today pages have been timing out, and several times I have lost comments I have typed in to respond to other posts.

We wondered just how long Bubblews could continue with a "no editor" policy.  I thought eventually the general crappiness of the posts would affect Bubblews's ad revenue, but it appears that the mass proliferation of posted grocery lists will bring it down first.

Too bad.  I really enjoy Bubblews.  I hope they can make whatever tweaks they need to do to keep their site running at peak performance.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Posts to Bubblews - May/2013

Another loooong post.  Following are the articles we posted to Bubblews during the month of May, 2013.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

We got PAID!! WOO-HOO!!!

We've been posting to Bubblews fairly frequently, and by last Sunday, May 5th, had accumulated enough loot in our Bubblews account to cash out.  So we hit the REDEEM button, and hoped for the best.

The following Monday we got an email from our PayPal account saying an echeck from Bubblews had been sent, and it would clear by the 9th.  Sure enough, by May 9th it had cleared.

So Bubblews does in fact pay!  It's a fun site to play with, (where else can you get paid to post unedited articles?), but it does take a lot of time to work with, and the payout you receive isn't enough to change your standard of living!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Articles Posted on Bubblews in April/2013

A long, long post this time!

Here is a list of all the articles we've posted to Bubblews in April/2013.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anybody Out There?

We recently posted an article on Bubblews about this blog, (see the article here), so maybe it will get some views now?

Actually, there isn't much to see yet.  Most of our time is being spent on Bubblews, so the blogs are being ignored.

What I think we will do with this blog is use it as an index to our articles.  Until we discover the magic formula to conquer the universe, of course!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Posting on Bubblews

We've been spending most of our time the past few weeks posting on Bubblews .  It's a fun, (and addictive!), site.  You should try it!

Here are some recent posts we made there:

We think Bubblews is the best writing site, but there are some others worth a look.  Pat Flynn recommends InfoBarrel .  We did post a few articles there, but found them not as easy to work with as Bubblews:

Finally there is FullofKnowledge .  We haven't done much with that site yet, but it seems easier to use than InfoBarrel, but not as easy as Bubblews.  (NOTHING is as easy to use as Bubblews!)  We have one article on FullofKnowledge:

Happy reading!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tracking Progress on Our E-Biz

We thought it might be of interest to someone how well we are doing "making money online" starting from scratch.

We have next to little knowledge of how the online business model works, other than a desire not to be too irritating, and certainly not to spam.

We started this adventure March 1st, 2013.  So far it's been fun, but certainly not profitable.

To date, our income is, (hold your breath): zip.  Nana.  Goose Eggs.  We got NUTHIN'!

Our expenses to date are $17.00 USD.  This includes two e-books, and 1 FIVERR contract to promote a ClickBank link.  (It didn't work, by the way.)

Ain't gonna be able to quit my stinkin' job anytime soon at this rate.  Phooey!

If you feel really, really bad for us, and you're into Japanese Garden Designs , why not give it a click?  We might both benefit!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Working in a Bureaucracy

My job sucks. I guess that puts me in good company these days. Being an employee of a large corporation requires a certain emotional makeup which I lack.

Truth be told, working for a small company is even worse.

Those of you who enjoy being part of a bureaucracy, who thrive at being an "organization man", have an easier time succeeding in our economic system than those of us who rebel against such nonsense. The big question is what are the rest of us supposed to do?

If you listen to Dan Miller over at 48 Days, he is a big advocate of sales and marketing. Yes, it is true that if you are great at sales you can strike out on your own and do very well.

But what about those of us who would rather not go out an talk to people? What if we would prefer to do a quiet activity where we hone our craftsmanship, or perhaps help a little imaginary talking fish establish an internet presence?

I don't have any answers, yet. But I am working on a way to eventually replace my stinkin' job with something I enjoy more. Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I don't know about your particular spot on the planet, but where we live today was a beautiful day.  And we spent the better part of the day working on some raised bed gardens.

Gardening in a fantastic way to help alleviate this "serfdom system" we becoming trapped in.  Besides the good exercise, growing your own food has spiritual rewards over and above the benefits of eating fresh, chemical free, (IF you don't go crazy on the weed and/or bug spray!), produce.

Now before you go crazy ordering plants and seeds, I'd highly recommend you check out the Garden Watchdog, which is a review of the various nurseries you're likely to encounter.  Some of the ones that fill your mailbox with catalogs are miserable rip-offs.  Wouldn't it be nice to know which ones people trust BEFORE you place your order?

Finally, here is a guide for all of you who are trying to grow citrus: Citrus Growing Guide .  We live too far north to grow all but the most bitter varieties of citrus outdoors, but we have had some success growing lemonsito in a pot.  (Citrofortunella microcarpa.  Called "calamondin" in English.)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Survival in changing times

A two-parter today.

1. One of the better "survivalist" guys out there is Jack Spirko.  He has a nice webpage with a free podcast: .  Jack can be a bit of a redneck at times, but his heart seems to be in the right place, and he approaches this topic with rationality instead of hype and sensationalism.  (Did you know that one of the most likely "survival" challenges you will face is the loss of employment?)

2. "37 foods to store for a disaster" is an ebook on clickbank.   We don't know how good it is; the sales pitch is well put together.  He offers a money-back guarantee, so if you're willing to give it a go, and be one of the first three folks to send us back a review, (good or bad), we'll send $3.00 to your paypal account.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A very good finance podcast

Here is a tip for some free financial advice and information.

Head on over to Financial Sense , , and click on the Newshour button right under the title.  The weekend podcasts are FREE, and IMHO the best financial podcasts you can find.  They are professionally produced, and the hosts make an effort to present ALL viewpoints on the show.  (For example, although they admit being biased towards inflation in our future, due to governmental money printing, they frequently allow deflationists to express their views.)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Silver and Gold!

Have you started to invest in silver and gold yet?

Maybe "invest" is the wrong word, because from my viewpoint I see silver and gold as almost a form of financial insurance. You know that money printing is accelerating in ALL currencies right now, and that history shows that all fiat currencies, (i.e., money backed by nothing but the "faith and goodwill" of those who print it), eventually fail.

So what are you waiting for?

A good site for us Americans to invest in, (remember that, as citizens of the "land of the free", it is much harder for us to open an account than most non-Americans), is Silver Saver

There are others, such as Gold Money and Bullion Vault, but these are harder to invest in.  (Thank your stupid government!!)

One final note: I don't recommend putting more than 20% of your total assets in precious metals, because you never know what stupid tricks the government will do in the future. (How about a windfall profits tax on all holders of gold?)  But treated as an insurance against uncertain economic times, silver and gold are most certainly worth their weight in ....... well, silver and gold!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The World's best Elephant Joke!

This is a three part joke.

Part 1.
Q: What is the similarity between an elephant and a plum?
A: They are both purple, except for the elephant.

Part 2.
Q: What did Tarzan say when the elephants came rumbling down the jungle path?
A: Here come the elephants.

Part 3.
Q: What did Jane say when the elephants came rumbling down the jungle path?
A. Here come the plums.  (Jane was colorblind!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where does the time go?

"A Working Class Hero is something to be!"

This is a continuation from something started previously, long, long ago, before there was even memory.  Before there was even dust.  

But now we find ourselves stuck, TRAPPED, in the grip of the system, and we don't know how to break loose.  Evolution, (perhaps intelligently directed?), brought us to this?

Here are the details: we have learned a skill, how to tune the machines to process the data efficiently, but now they, (the rulers? or is it the machines?), think they can ignore us, that their power is sufficient to do all we once helped them do, and more.  

In the grove by the willows, where the gentle breezes blow, forgotten heroes of our past call to us.  Can we hear them over the din of the machines?  Do we want to?

And screeching from the balcony the stupid bird hollers over and over and over, and the stagnant waters, thick with mud and excrement from the hippos, rises faster than we can bail them out.