Monday, March 4, 2013

Silver and Gold!

Have you started to invest in silver and gold yet?

Maybe "invest" is the wrong word, because from my viewpoint I see silver and gold as almost a form of financial insurance. You know that money printing is accelerating in ALL currencies right now, and that history shows that all fiat currencies, (i.e., money backed by nothing but the "faith and goodwill" of those who print it), eventually fail.

So what are you waiting for?

A good site for us Americans to invest in, (remember that, as citizens of the "land of the free", it is much harder for us to open an account than most non-Americans), is Silver Saver

There are others, such as Gold Money and Bullion Vault, but these are harder to invest in.  (Thank your stupid government!!)

One final note: I don't recommend putting more than 20% of your total assets in precious metals, because you never know what stupid tricks the government will do in the future. (How about a windfall profits tax on all holders of gold?)  But treated as an insurance against uncertain economic times, silver and gold are most certainly worth their weight in ....... well, silver and gold!

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