Sunday, July 5, 2015

Online Income Statement - June/2015

Our online earning trends continue to follow the pattern set in prior months.

The Adsense account is up to $5.43 now.  That is a whopping nine cent gain since April!  To say that Adsense is a horrid way to make money is an understatement.  I'm gonna ignore them in the future.  (NOT delete my account, just not bother with it.)

Affiliate marketing success continues to elude us.  We have made no further Amazon affiliate sales since our one-and-only sale last March.

On the other hand, Clickworker/UHRS continues to kick butt.  These are the payments we got in June/2015:

June 03rd  -  $47.35

June 10th  -  $25.91

June 18th  -  $65.64

June 24th  -  $69.65

Not only is $65.69 the most I've ever earned online in a week, the June grand total of $208.55 is a new monthly online income record!  HOORAY FOR CLICKWORKER!!

It's time now for my standard Clickworker verbiage:

I truly believe Clickworker is the only website worth bothering with, and wrote a quick review of my experiences with it here, “”.  I would highly recommend everyone to give it a try.  If you do decide to sign up, please consider doing so using my affiliate link, .

Until next month, good luck with your online earnings!