Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writing Online for MONEY is a Waste of Time!

I've been writing online now since April, 2013, and I think I can say with certainty that if you write online with the goal of making money, you're wasting your time.  Get a real job!

These are the sites I've written for, and the amount earned to date:  -  $50.00, but they owe me an additional $75.00 they have never paid.  (Jerks!)  -  zippo.  Nice site, but too hard to earn money from.  -  zippo.  I had hopes for this site, as they claimed to pay for any amount, but that just turned out to be hype.  update 10/21/2013  - it appears PAA is gonna come thru and actually pay!  My sincere apologies to the powers-that-be at PostAnyArticle.

Write online if, (like me!), you have a psychological compulsion to do so; just don't expect to make a living from it!

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