Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tracking Progress on Our E-Biz

We thought it might be of interest to someone how well we are doing "making money online" starting from scratch.

We have next to little knowledge of how the online business model works, other than a desire not to be too irritating, and certainly not to spam.

We started this adventure March 1st, 2013.  So far it's been fun, but certainly not profitable.

To date, our income is, (hold your breath): zip.  Nana.  Goose Eggs.  We got NUTHIN'!

Our expenses to date are $17.00 USD.  This includes two e-books, and 1 FIVERR contract to promote a ClickBank link.  (It didn't work, by the way.)

Ain't gonna be able to quit my stinkin' job anytime soon at this rate.  Phooey!

If you feel really, really bad for us, and you're into Japanese Garden Designs , why not give it a click?  We might both benefit!

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