Sunday, June 1, 2014

Payments, and a Waste of Money

Well this was a pleasant surprise!  Aaron, (aka "Crazy Texan"), somehow managed to cough up some money for our missing January and February views.  (** cough, cough ** -  where's OUR money, AdSense?)  I even got paid for ExpertsPages, which is a first!

Here are the payments breakdowns.  Once again, not enough to retire on, but still a nice symbolic gesture.

ExpertsPages April earnings:  $.03

ExpertsPages Jan/Feb earnings:  $.46

FullofKnowledge April earnings:  $1.91

FullofKnowledge Jan/Feb earning:  $2.76

Assuming I can add correctly, this comes to a grand total of:  $5.16

Unfortunately, I also spent $9.95 on an eBook/course being pushed by none other than King Human.  IT WAS NOT WORTH THE MONEY!  Yes, there's some good stuff in there, but nothing that you can't get for free from, delivered in a more usable form, more accurately, and WITHOUT the irritating upsell.

I lost a lot of respect for King Human over this, (he should know better than to promote crap), and I will certainly NEVER touch anything from Alex Jeffreys again.

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