Monday, June 2, 2014

More Payments, and Possibly More Wasted Money

Well durn!  We got some more money from our articles, yet Old Grump got excited and spent some more money on a dubious product again.

First the money Grump spent.  After listening to a podcast hyping up the Amazon FBA program, he purchased the Profit Bandit iPhone application for $14.95 .  Then, and only then, did he listen to Sweetie, who explained to him the many pitfalls of the Amazon FBA program, and how it was NOT something to rush into without doing your homework.

Drat!  It appears that searching for a way to find that "easy money", Grump just wasted some of his own again.

Now on to some better news.  The Crazy Texan paid us yet again!  As before, these payments are little more than rounding errors, but what the heck.  It's better to earn pennies than spend dollars!

ExpertsPages, April/2014:  $0.33

ExpertsPages, May/2014:  $0.20

FullofKnowledge, May/2014:  $0.31

May wasn't a very good month for earning money on articles.  I hope things pick up a bit in June.

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