Friday, December 19, 2014

PAA and FoK Cut Off Payments After Six Months

Well phooey, again!  Even though FoK and PAA have been functioning without malware for a good while now, it looks like once again the guy who runs the site has modified the rules, and is only paying for views on posts less than six months old.

This is kinda cruddy and deceptive, IMHO, as one of the unofficial slogans of FoK was "write once; get paid forever".  I guess "forever" in this case is finite!

I'm not too thrilled with Adsense either.  I have it on some of my blogs, and after seven years, (yes, seven years!), had accumulated a balance of $3.00 .  Then when checking my account a few days ago I saw I had been dinged about 40 cents for "illegal activity".  WTF?  I guess I should consider myself lucky that I even qualified for Adsense, but it sure seems like they use a similar business model to those other crooks, namely the jerks who run Bubblews.


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