Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Before starting on my attempt to build websites online, I never realized that I may be lacking a vital commodity necessary for my success, namely Time.

I'm a married guy with a wife and two kids, and a day job that at times can be challenging.  The only time I can work on my websites is when I get home from work.  Unfortunately every second I spend online is time I'm taking away from my family, and believe me, after just a few minutes they resent it!  So my websites remain in the pathetic state of disrepair you see them in, day after day.  And "great ideas" never come to fruition, because of the lack of time.

It doesn't help that I went about this all the wrong way, attempting to make money writing articles for other people's websites.  If you're going to invest the time to write even a mediocre article, you ought to have your own website where you can keep it, and tweak it in the future, if so inspired.

Now I'm trying to clean up the mess I've created, before my work gets lost. 

In the meantime .... my wife wants to go out for "cupcakes", (seriously!), Kuya wants me to see a booklet they created in class today, and Dodong is biding his time, patiently waiting for when I'm deep in thought to have an accident or emergency of some type, disrupting my work.

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