Saturday, January 3, 2015

How We Upload Music Videos to YouTube

Many years ago we started a blog, , where we were storing clips from unusual CDs on various hosting servers.  Over time, (sometimes quicker than you'd believe!), the hosting servers dropped our files, making our blog kinda useless.

The concept of storing music clips online has been resurrected thanks to YouTube!  All you need to do now is add some images to your music file, and upload it; YouTube will store your file indefinitely, as far as I know.

This is what we do to create a video file to upload to YouTube:

1. Find the .MP3 file you want to create a video from.  If your file is in .WAV format, use a service such as to convert it to .MP3.

While maybe not absolutely necessary, .MP3 files are a lot smaller than .WAV files, so if you are going to keep lots of songs you'll use much less disk space.

2. Once you have your .MP3 file, use the Windows Live Movie Maker program to add some images to it. You'll have to fuss with Live Movie Maker for a while to figure out all the options, but once you're happy with your work, under the "save movie" drop down from the weird icon on the left of the toolbar, choose "for computer", and you will be able to save a .WMV file.

(NOTE: this is accurate as of 01/03/2015, but Microslop loves to update their software in a incompatible way, so when you read this your options may be different.)

3. Now logon to YouTube and upload your new movie!

Here's an example of a music video we just uploaded:  Tokyo Subway, Ken Still  ( )

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