Friday, January 9, 2015

Is Writing Online for Money Dead?

The Crazy Texan, admin of PAA, has just posted an interesting article: "Online Writing: Shift Your Focus".  His point is that the days of amateur writers such as myself tossing up an article to a website here and there and actually getting paid some real money for it, (more than a fraction of a cent), are over. 

Sadly, I agree with him.  Once PAA and FoK lost their Adsense account, (curses on you, Lords of Adsense!), my last hope for making money with articles vanished.

In another of his posts, "More Ad Work", he comments on how difficult it is to find an honest ad program that will actually pay.  I can relate to this frustration!

On my blogs I have tried adding various ad programs to generate a buck or two.  The best paying to date appears to be Adsense, but like Crazy Texan I am getting ripped off by them: they recently took money out of my account for "illegal activity".  (From $3.00 to about $2.50; there's NOT a lot of money involved here folks!)  Chitika to date has been a complete bust.  I haven't even earned a penny with them.

AdFly seems okay, but their pay rates are so skimpy, considering that you're making your readers go through an irritating ad page.  I think I have accumulated have a cent with them.

Pathetically, my largest payments to date are still from that pyramid scheme known as Bubblews.  I got two $25.00 payments from them over a year ago.  Since then they have stopped paying, but it was fun while it lasted. 

Is every site online part of the "great hustle"? 


  1. Crazy Texan is really a pain in the ass. He is without permission deleted everyone's account and their email without informing the users. One of this day he will be suit for his bad mannerism. Waste of time and waste of works/sweat. Watch and be alert, don't write in his site otherwise he might delete or ripped off your article like what he did to others.

    1. Yeah .... it's a shame too, because he started out as a pretty cool guy. Then he got in trouble with Adsense, and everything fell apart.