Saturday, February 21, 2015

We Got Listed on the Net Worth Tracker!

Is this cool or what?  We just got listed on the Rockstar Finance Net Worth Tracker!  Woo hoo!

Go to , scroll down to around $360,000, and there we are, "Working Class Hero"!  Ta da!

"But I thought you said your net worth was around $450,000?"

Uh ..... yeah, it is.  And here I have to point out something weird that I never knew about.

Apparently Blogger creates a "Canadian mirror image" of its blogs?  That's the only thing I can guess that is happening here, because in addition to this site that you know and love,, there appears to be a copy of every post at its Canadian twin, .  If J. Money hadn't linked to the Canadian site, I would never have know it existed.

Spooky, huh?

UPDATE:  I emailed J.Money, and he fixed our Net Worth listing to $450,000.   And it does appear that ALL Blogger blogs have a Canadian counterpart.  For example, a music blog I created under another Google ID,, has its Canadian twin, .

Anybody know why this is?

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