Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Online "Income" Statement - January/2015

First of all, it takes a HUGE stretch of imagination to call this silliness "income", even using parentheses around the word income.  We haven't even received a penny, (or, in the case of LinkBucks, a half-penny), from any of these folks yet, because we haven't hit the minimum payment amount.

Notwithstanding that cold slap of reality, here is what we currently have in our accounts that we've earned via our webpages:

Adsense  -  $4.46

AdFly  - 5.5 Cents   (Yep, that's correct.  Not even a dollar yet!)

LinkBucks  -  Half a .... Cent!   (This is BEYOND PITIFUL!  NOT EVEN A FRIGGIN' PENNY YET!)

Woo hoo!  Step right up folks and make BIG MONEY on the internet.  All you need is a blog or two.

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