Sunday, February 1, 2015

Links of the Week, 01/Feb/2015 - Let's Be Rich!

So you wanna be rich someday?  (Who doesn't?)  Amongst all the hype and jive of the internet, are there some webpages with VALID advice?

Despite the overabundance of complete garbage out there, YES, good websites do exist that can help guide us on our path to wealth.

We could start with the end in mind, and jump straight to the Eventual Millionaire, ( ).  Jamie Tardy has built a following by interviewing folks who are already rich, and trying to discern what they did to cause their success.

If we need inspiration, we can go to Dan Miller's site, 48 Days, ( ), where you will find your passion and how to best act on it.

If we're stuck in debt, and we need help getting out, probably no one can better help us than the ever popular Dave Ramsey,  ( ), who has helped millions turn the corner on bad spending habits and start accumulating wealth.

Want to follow a test case?  How about checking in with J. Money at Budgets are Sexy, ( ), for some progress reports and reality checks.   

Once you have some money, you'll need to learn how to hold onto it.  Do this by checking in with Kathryn Cicoletti, the MakinSense Babe, ( ), and you too will be able to avoid the parasites of the "financial profession".

Now that you can judge who is reasonable, and who is speaking nonsense, head on over to Jim Puplava's Financial Sense, ( ), IMHO the best financial advice website, and judge for yourself the sanity of the advice given by "financial experts".

Finally, if you're ever really, really hard up, and need a way to just scratch out an extra $50, here are 50 Ways to Make a Fast $50 , ( ), some of which are more practical than others.

Good luck!

P.S.  -  Please don't lose sight of what really matters in life, else you'll be like those sorry folks in this saying: "Some people are so poor, all they have is money."

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