Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My New Online Adventure

Just recently, (a month ago), I retired.  This was probably a premature decision, but the rationale behind this madness was that, finally, I was going to be able to devote full time attention to my various websites, particularly the ones like Tea Universe where I was attempting to make a buck or two on Amazon affiliate sales.

Ha!  Life had other plans.

If you've read my prior posts, you know that I was kinda sucker punched by Bluehost, and now my Tea Universe site is, well, wimpy dead.

Disgusted with how things worked out, I haven't had much interest in doing anything at all online.  Not to mention that, now that I am no longer working out of town, my wife is taking full advantage of my presence, the result being that most of my time now is occupied with babysitting the kids.

In my demoralized state most of my time online was just frittered away in one silly thing or another, until I happened to land upon a really cool site called Beer Money Forum.

BMF, as it is called, is a website that tries to help folks make some money online.  In one section of this site there is a place where folks discuss cyber currencies.

I've been interested in Bitcoin and other cyber currencies for a while now, but, intimidated by "the unknown", I never bought any.  The discussions on BMF convinced me that cyber currencies weren't so confusing after all, and that this may be something I could learn and dabble with, to my financial benefit.

Thus my "cryptocurrency journey".

The idea of a currency that isn't created by a government appeals to my inner anarchist, yet my inner control freak is soothed by its mathematical underpinnings.  And you know what?  Messing around with Bitcoin and the other "alt coins" is fun!

So why not get your own Coinbase wallet and join my on this adventure?  Maybe we'll all become rich?

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