Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekends and Credit Cards, Part 04

Despite taking some money out of savings, (about $1,600.00), and throwing it all at our credit card debt, our American Express balance is now nearly $5,000.00.  And guess what?  It doesn't bother me in the least.


Oh no, not at all.  Well .... to be more accurate, my mental health is not necessarily related to my lack of concern over our currently soaring credit card debt.  Allow me to explain.

First of all a huge chunk of it, almost $3,200.00, is due to factors beyond our control, namely, a minor repair to our roof, and two trips to the mechanic to repair various parts of Sweetie's car.  Repairs must be made, and they have to be paid for. 

Another large expense was for Mother's Day.  Earlier in May we had bought Sweetie a new purse, and for Mother's Day itself treated Sweetie and Lola to a nice dinner at a local restaurant.  For the amount of work they do, and for the joy they bring into our lives, spending $200.00 on Sweetie and Lola was a bargain!

The other large part of the expense was our weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia.  We stayed at a very nice hotel, (the Westin across the river), and ate two yummy-but-expensive dinners.  This was a much needed vacation, so we don't begrudge the cost one bit.

To pay for all this extravagance I had already sold some stocks from our long term savings, which will give us about $7,000.00 with which to pound on this debt.  And we know we aren't going to be going on anymore day trips for a while.  (Yeah .... it's gonna be a LONG, LONG summer!)  So we're enjoying living large while it lasts.

I may never make it as a mustachian hall-of-famer, but I do believe that expenses like this, if they're planned and you're willing to pay the cost, are a good thing.  We only live once, (I think), so we need to enjoy our time while we're here.  The important thing is to be intelligent about it, and not throw our money away on craps and trifles.  Money spent for quality, be it things or experiences, is used wisely.

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