Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekends and Credit Cards, Part 03

Just like nearly every weekend that I can remember since we've had kids, this weekend was a time for shopping, and charging the expense of that shopping to a credit card, (or two).

Whilst strolling through the mall yesterday, we noticed that Gap had a big 50% sale going on for most of their children's clothes.  We couldn't pass that up, could we?  And later in the afternoon there was a birthday party we had to attend, so we needed to purchase a gift or two.  And while at Sam's Club it made sense to buy four boxes of these yummy mangoes:

IMHO these are the best type of mangoes for eating.

My point, (besides showing off our yummy mangoes), is that it's not as easy to not pound the credit card, (or at least spend money), as it sounds.

Today perhaps is a great example.

Sweetie was up most of the night with a sleepless infant, and tired and cranky.  Then it rained and rained and rained all morning, well into early afternoon.  And the older kid still had a touch of the sniffles that had bothered him so badly Friday and Saturday.  So what were we to do?

We decided to go see a movie.  Tickets for three adults and one kid, (the infant was free), were $30.00.  Popcorn and two drinks cost nearly $20.00.  So -- POOF!! -- just like that, we added $50.00 of debt to our running credit card balance.

I suppose the best we can do is be aware of how much we are spending, and where.  Life costs money.  

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