Thursday, March 12, 2015

Online "Income" Statement - February/2015

Well, February was kinda more of the same of January, meaning my "income" was basically a rounding error.  Phooey!

Here is what we currently, (yeah, this includes several days in March  -  I'm late doing this, okay?),  have in our accounts that we've earned via our webpages:

Adsense  -  $4.56  (Up 10¢ from January.  Woo hoo!!)

AdFly  -  9¢  (The money continues to POUR in!  And to think I get billionths of a penny by forcing viewers through an irritating link!)

LinkBucks  -  NOT EVEN A PENNY YET!  (And everything I said about AdFly applies here too, only more so.)

Clickworker  -  $.10  (After signing up, and taking an English language compitency test.)

Well how about that?  In less than one hour I made more with Clickworker than AdFly and LinkBucks combined, and I didn't irritate any of my viewers by sending them to possibly virus-ridden sites by doing so.  I think it is time to kick AdFly and LinkBucks to the curb!

Okay ...... no more AdFly or LinkBucks links.  I'm too lazy to go remove all the old links at the moment, but if I ever get the time, (probably around the same time there is lasting peace in the Middle East!), I'll go do it.

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