Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Weekend Day - Another Addition to Credit Card Debt

Gosh it's hard to get out of credit card debt!

Today was a weekend "shopping" day.  We went to Babies R Us to buy food for Dodong, stopped at T.J.Maxx to get a nice shirt for Kuya, paid for gas, then, (because Sweetie was tired to the point of exhaustion), went out for a nice dinner.  Total damage to our credit card was about $300.00.

The Babies R Us vist was by far the most costly, being within pennies of $200.00.  Add in a dining out experience of about $60.00, and we easily hit the $300.00 mark.

And there was nothing extraordinary about the day!  It was just another Saturday when we decided to go shopping for some necessities, then treat a very, very tired mother to a meal out of the house.

The truth of the matter is that with our expenses, (and believe me, they could be much, much worse!), Old Grump's salary just quite isn't enough.  We're hoping later in the year, once Lola is back and Dodong is weaned, that Sweetie can get at a minimum a part time job.  Even if she only earns a few hundred dollars a month, it will at least help us pay off her sister's debts back in the Philippines.

After scrimping and saving to knock the credit card debt to a little over $1,600.00, it is now soaring back over $2,000.00 again.  Poop!!  While I know that Mr. Money Mustache would just tell me to "suck it up!", I don't have his prodigious self-discipline.  So, regarding our credit card debt, sometimes I feel like these littles guys, running and running, but getting nowhere:

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